AUTHENTIC SUPER STRONG Self Adhesive Tape Waterproof Sealant for Instant SEAL BOND & REPAIR anything

AUTHENTIC SUPER STRONG Self Adhesive Tape Waterproof Sealant for Instant SEAL BOND & REPAIR anything

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Wise Goods Super Adhesive Tape
Material: Butyl Rubber
Longer Service Life
Strong Self-Adhesive Butyl Tape
Easy to Use
Installation Occasions
The tape adheres to wood, stone, plastic, steel, concrete, and glass and is suitable for all sealing work in an outdoor exposed outdoor area
Easy to apply to replace the need for lead flashing
Superior Heat Resistance
Instant Watertight Seal
Lasts up to 15 years
Ideal for new build or emergency repairs
New Stronger membrane
Extremely durable and long-lasting protection in all climates.
Provides protection for at least twenty years
Versatile and easily applied using just hand pressure.
Multi-functional tape, easy to use.
Thicker tape, more viscous and longer-lasting.
Repair wall cracks and uses the roof for waterproofing.
The smooth surface tape has high reflectivity and is more thermally insulated.
Aluminum foil material, not afraid of scratching, anti-friction, high-temperature resistance.
Material: Aluminum Foil+Butyl


1. Make sure the construction surface is dry.

2. There should be no impurities on the construction surface, which will affect the viscosity of the tape.

3. The tape is too narrow to affect the waterproof effect.

4. Can not be used on the back of the water, will fall off.

5. Roof waterproofing to find the leak point, responsible for no effect.


Package Included:
1 x Adhesive Tape


Make sure the surface clean and dry before application.
Peel off the released film and apply the RV roof seal tape.
Repeatedly press the butyl sealant until the tape is fully stuck with the surface.
Tool needed(not included in the package): Cleaning tool, Scissors, Trimming tool, Gloves.
Size: 5cm x 5m/10cm x 5m/15cm x 5m
These tapes come with Butyl rubber, ever-tacky, and pressure-sensitive sealant with good adhesion strength.
They can form an instant seal against water, air or dust, and remain permanently soft.
The tape is specially used where moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, flame resistance, heat, and light reflectance is required.
Do not use it with other waterproof material including benzene, benzene, ethylene, silicone and etc.


Resistant to chemicals, heat, and weather.
High tack cold weather adhesive.
Excellent adherence even at low temperatures.
Blocks out moisture and odors.
Excellent insulation property.
Water and UV resistant.
Because of the strong stickiness, please wear gloves to prevent hand from sticking.
In winter, it’s better to use a hairdryer to heat camper roof repair before installation.
Do not peel off it after applying within 24 hours.

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