How to Register and Top up your E-wallet

How to Register and Top up your E-wallet

Step 1

Go to

Click MY ACCOUNT on the main menu to sign up.

Step 2

Select Create an account for new subscribers

Step 3

Enter your email and password then click Register

You will be automatically logged in to your account.

Step 4

Top up your E-wallet to start adding your orders

Click MY WALLET on the Dashboard tabs or click the wallet icon on the main menu

Step 5

Select Wallet topup and continue

Step 6

Input the amount you want to pay and click ADD

Step 7

Complete Billing Details and click PLACE ORDER to confirm

Step 8

Pay using the account details on the screen

Step 9

Submit a screenshot of your payment details on our Facebook page or Viber group.

Your E-wallet will be manually approved by the admin within 24 hours.

Step 10

You can now start adding your orders!